For Lamoille Valley 3rd-8th graders and their families

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Share Your Why: Passport Edition

Plan, Do, and Share Activities!


1. Print the activity sheet packet or pick up a packet at one of these locations

2. Complete both sides of the activity sheet: Plan, Do, and Reflect on an activity based on one of the skill areas below. Click here for activity ideas

3. Complete and turn in all 6 activity sheets at one of these locations or email and upload to

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Click HERE for a printable PDF of a Share Your Why activity packet

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Activity Sheets

Pick-up & Drop-off Locations

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Peoples Academy Middle Level- Margo Warden’s office

Lamoille Union Middle School- Diane Lepikko’s office

Hardwick Elementary School – Noreen Hopkin’s office

Wolcott Elementary – Kate Gascoyne’s office

Eden Elementary – Nicola Martino’s office

Lamoille Family Center (Drop Off or Mail Only)

Morristown Community Center

Activity Ideas

For additional activities ideas check out our Live Your Why page

You don’t have to be a 4-H member to take advantage of all the great opportunities Vermont 4-H offers.

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6th grader Noel W. shared:

8th grader Abraham K. shared:


Resourcefulness – Made lemon raspberry almond cake

Mental Health & Self ExpressionParticipated in River Art’s Workshop: Expressing Yourself Through Drawing and Painting

Physical Health – Went for a 4-5 mile walk

 Community Connections – Played Dungeons and Dragons at Morristown Centenniel Library

Volunteering – Volunteered at the Varnum Library

Resourcefulness – Made carrot cake

 Physical Well-Being – Walk around his property

 Community Connections – Went for a walk on a community trail and

Attended the online workshop – “Design Innovation Mindset: Shifting the Waste-to-Value Paradigm”

5th grader Adar F. shared:

Volunteering – Helped the JVA Boys Basketball Team at Peoples Academy

7th grader Lucille D. shared:

Self Expression – Sang songs from her choir with her younger sister

6th grader Christian D. shared:

Mental Health – Rode bike

Physical Well-Being – Backflips on the swings with friends

Self Expression – Listened to music

Community Connections – Showing acts of kindness to my peers and community

Resourcefulness – Made a bike path through the woods

Volunteering – Worked with sisters to help mom and dad

6th grader Stig shared:

Mental Health – dot-to-dot activities

Physical Well-Being – Skiing

Self Expression – Reading

Community Connections – Go to the block party

Resourcefulness – Watched nature shows

Volunteering – volunteered at a ski race

8th grader Captolia S. shared:

Mental Health – Made homemade fried dumplings with homemade dipping sauce

Physical Well-Being – Taking a walk everyday

Self Expression – Making art for people and seeing their reactions

Community Connections – Volunteering to get the neighborhood cemetery clean

Resourcefulness – Volunteering for the neighbor-to-neighbor program handing out food boxes

Volunteering – Cleaning the trash off roadsides 

5th grader Orin D. shared:

Mental Health – Biking

Physical Well-Being – Baseball

Self Expression – Painting

Community Connections – Spent Time at the Morristown Community Center

Resourcefulness – Cooking

Volunteering – Mowing Lawn

7th grader Dakari shared:

Mental Health – Meditate

Physical Well-Being – Soccer

Self Expression – Mandala

Community Connections – Pick up trash

Resourcefulness – Rock climbing

Volunteering – Helping a neighbor with a chore