Introducing the #LiveYourWhy Campaign!

Healthy Lamoille Valley is launching #LiveYourWhy, a new campaign to promote protective factors that are known to reduce youth substance misuse and improve mental health.  #LiveYourWhy will bring weekly themed messages to engage students around the region through lunch bag stickers, social media, and the Healthy Lamoille Valley website.  Contact for more information.

Self Care

Self care is anything we do for ourselves to improve our mental, physical, or emotional health. Making our own health a priority in stressful times helps keep us safe and healthy in our minds and bodies, and it helps our brain process stressful experiences in healthier ways. Think of self-care like the oxygen mask on an airplane: you need to put your own oxygen mask on so that you can continue to help others.




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Asking for help is resourceful! It would be impossible for us to know everything, and it’s never wrong to ask a question if you don’t know or don’t understand something. As social distancing continues, are there ways you can still do the outdoor group activities or outdoor things you love to do together but from a healthy distance? Are there new things or ways in your community that you and the people you’re physically separated from can still experience things “together”?  Here are some of our go-to places for local resources:

Make Memories

Our brains are always recording and processing information and experiences, even when we don’t realize it! Positive memories with loved ones can help reduce stress, strengthen positive emotional connection, and can help build trust with friends and loved ones. Setting aside time for fun activities with family and loved ones in stressful times can help us feel better physically and mentally, help us feel connected, and will build happy memories that you can draw on when you need to.

The great thing about memories is that you don’t have to strive to make them!  It’s not another thing that you have to put on your to-do list.  Just be intentional about living in the moment – doing what you love with people you love. Be adventurous and try new things, but savor the ordinary. Some of the best memories may simply be made by cooking a meal together, exploring a brook, playing a board game, or tossing a frisbee.  The best thing you can “DO” to create a memory is to be fully present without a device in hand.

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Explore Nature

Every time you step out your front door, you’re stepping into a huge scientific wonder! Our daily lives don’t give us much time to explore our natural world. Nature is science in action, and spending even 30 minutes per day outside or engaged in physical activity that raises your heart rate can help reduce your risk of depression, improve your mood, and keep your heart and brain healthy. Be sure to keep a healthy distance from others as you explore the world outside, and don’t forget bug and tick repellent- they are both out in full force already!

Need a little inspiration?  Check out  VINS, ECHO, Fairbanks, and Montshire have developed this partnership to offer STEM experiences for Vermonters in this time of crisis. Each of us are drawing from its unique collections, areas of educational focus, and talents in engagement to provide a robust offering of learning experiences.

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