Healthy Lamoille Valley

Healthy Lamoille Valley is a coalition of community organizations and individuals working collaboratively to reduce youth substance misuse and encourage youth to make substance free healthy choices. We are a program of the nonprofit Lamoille Family Center, one of 15 Parent Child Centers across the state providing a network of care for children, families and youth. Primarily grant-funded, we were awarded a Drug Free Communities Grant (DFC) in 2019.

Young people who use alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other substances are more likely to develop substance dependency in their lifetime than those who delay use until after age 21 or later. 40% of young people who begin using before the age of 15 will develop a substance dependency issue while the risk drops to 7% when use occurs after age 21.

In Lamoille County, 20% of youth report that they are using before the age of 13, and 26% of Lamoille County high school students report using marijuana in the last month. Recognizing that the adolescent years are one of the most critical for brain development, we come together as youth, parents, educators, health providers, and community members to reduce youth substance use in our communities, schools, and towns.

Vision: Lamoille Valley is a safe, supportive and healthy community.

Mission: Healthy Lamoille Valley is a coalition of individuals and community organizations working collaboratively to reduce youth substance misuse and encourage youth to make substance free healthy choices.

Service Area: Healthy Lamoille Valley serves the communities of: Belvidere, Cambridge, Craftsbury, Eden, Elmore, Greensboro, Hardwick, Hyde Park, Jeffersonville, Johnson, Morrisville, Stannard, Stowe, Waterville, Wolcott, Woodbury

Coordinator: Jessica Bickford,, (802) 730-6599
Policy and Community Outreach Coordinator: Alison Link,, (917) 626-0344
Youth Substance Prevention Coordinator: Brian Duda,, (802) 448-2317
Communications Coordinator: Em Delaney,

Mailing Address: Healthy Lamoille Valley, 480 Cadys Falls Road, Morrisville, VT 05561

( see also our Healthy Lamoille Valley Coalition Partners page)




  • Lead a community taskforce to address tobacco use, and partner with health service providers to promote tobacco cessation opportunities.
  • Support the VT Dept of Health’s whole population initiative 3-4-50 in towns and local businesses.
  • Collaborate with health sectors and law enforcement to promote prescription drug safety in the community through safe storage and disposal initiatives.


  • Support schools in providing prevention education activities, training, and materials to students, staff/faculty, and parents.
  • Host a series of parent cafes to provide support for parents of 5th – 9th graders, funded by the Vermont Children’s Trust.
  • Partner with the Roessner Family Foundation to bring comprehensive curriculum and teacher training to area elementary schools.


  • Engage area youth in school-based prevention projects including working with local data, participating in events, and joining student groups to address peer substance use.
  • Collaborate with the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Dept to support the Lamoille Area Youth Council on prevention.
  • Support LGBTQIA+ youth by increasing supports for students and their families, including area school Gay Straight Alliances.


  • Collaborate with towns to develop municipal-level prevention policies, and funding signage for substance-free locations.
  • Support town planners and community members through the Primer on Planning for Prevention – a manual for addressing substance use issues in towns and communities.
  • Engage community members through regional events, Front Porch Forum and other local media outlets.