Healthy Lamoille Valley

Healthy Lamoille Valley (HLV) is celebrating 20 years of prevention work in the Lamoille Valley beginning in 1998. While the organization’s name has changed over the years, the primary focus has always been preventing substance abuse among youth and young adults. During this time diverse community partners have worked collaboratively to prevent and reduce underage use of alcohol, binge drinking, and tobacco while increasing prescription drug safety, and marijuana education. A piece of HLV’s current work is exploring the linkages between toxic stress/Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and substance misuse; then partnering with the community to reduce ACEs through a multi-generational approach to reduce future substance abuse.

We are a program of the nonprofit Lamoille Family Center, one of 15 Parent Child Centers across the state providing a network of care for children, families and youth. Primarily grant-funded, we were awarded a Drug Free Communities Grant (DFC) in 2019.

Vision: Lamoille Valley is a safe, supportive and healthy community.

Mission: Healthy Lamoille Valley is a coalition of community organizations and individuals working collaboratively to reduce youth substance misuse and encourage youth to make substance free healthy choices.

Service Area: Healthy Lamoille Valley serves the communities of: Belvidere, Cambridge, Craftsbury, Eden, Elmore, Greensboro, Hardwick, Hyde Park, Jeffersonville, Johnson, Morrisville, Stannard, Stowe, Waterville, Wolcott, Woodbury

Coordinator: Jessica Bickford,, (802) 730-6599
Policy and Community Outreach Coordinator: Alison Link,, (917) 626-0344

Mailing Address: Healthy Lamoille Valley, 480 Cadys Falls Road, Morrisville, VT 05561

( see also our Healthy Lamoille Valley Coalition Partners page)

2018 Highlighted Projects and Collaborations

Primer on Planning for Prevention. A manual designed to assist Town Planners and community members in addressing substance use issues in town plans. This ground-breaking manual received statewide recognition and has been used as a model that has been recreated in at least four other Vermont regions.

Lamoille Restorative Center – Informed Choices. Rob Cary of the Lamoille Restorative Center works with middle school classroom teachers to provide an engaging training for students about the consequences of underage drinking and marijuana use. In 2017 he shared this information with 180 students.

Lamoille County Youth Leadership Council. In collaboration with Sheriff Marcoux of the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Department Healthy Lamoille Valley is seeking to bring youth perspective to the forefront in our prevention work. This is an emerging work.

Saturation and Party Patrols – Healthy Lamoille Valley collaborated with our 6 local law enforcement agencies to offer increased patrols at peak times and at the resort communities.

Community College of Vermont – eCheckUp for Marijuana. Community College of Vermont Morrisville Campus is partnering with Healthy Lamoille Valley to provide students with the eCheckUp for marijuana, an educational self-assessment tool to look at the impacts of marijuana use.

Lamoille Family Center Nurturing Father’s Program. A 13 session course designed to enhance parenting and build nurturing skills with dads. This class provides proven, effective skills for healthy family relationships and child development.

Johnson State College Pilot Project & Tobacco Prevention. In FY 2018, Healthy Lamoille Valley is collaborating in new ways to look at high risk alcohol and drug use by the college age population. This pilot project focuses on inventorying the college’s current prevention work and policies; exploring new substance prevention interventions and introducing new approaches to the campus community; and exploring community partnerships with the Town of Johnson, business owners, and landlords. In 2017, Johnson State, along with all VSC campuses, are going tobacco-free. Healthy Lamoille Valley is partnering to provide signage and an intern to bring increased education to the local campus.

Healthy Lamoille Valley Tobacco Taskforce – A community collaborative meeting regularly to address tobacco use, second-hand smoke, share cessation opportunities, and prevent youth initiation. This newly reformed taskforce meets regularly to work on such projects as the Tobacco Free Youth Poster Contest. Contact Alison.

Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley – Tobacco Cessation Opportunities. Through a Vermont Department of Health Tobacco Prevention Grant, Healthy Lamoille Valley is partnering with CHSLV to promote local tobacco cessation opportunities around the region.

Copley Wellness Center – Workplace Wellness – Tobacco Cessation. Healthy Lamoille Valley is partnering with Copley Wellness to bring increased opportunities for tobacco cessation and business recognition for employers who promote employee wellness opportunities.

Responsible Beverage Servers Trainings and Retailer Recognition – HLV supports local trainings for store clerks and beverage servers put on by the Department of Liquor Control Staff throughout our region. Retailer Recognition works with local youth to celebrate those stores that pass their state compliance checks.

GSAs – Hazen Union High School formed a new GSA creating a safe place for students in the LGBTQ community. Students in the LGBTQ community are often met with unique challenges and are at higher risk for substance abuse. GSAs provide a supportive community – enhancing protective factors for these youth. 

Youth Engagement – Engage area youth through school-based prevention projects including sponsoring youth participation in the “Getting to Y” statewide initiative and Prevention Day at the Vermont Statehouse. Laraway’s Photovoice project is an example of youth engagement where youth examine local data and issues related to substance abuse then share this information with the community in a photographic format. Healthy Lamoille Valley provides support of student groups who work to prevent peer substance abuse at Peoples Academy, Stowe Schools, and Hazen Union. In FY 2018 we hope to expand this work to include Lamoille Union High School and Craftsbury Academy.

Prescription Drug Awareness & Disposal Programs – Working with local pharmacists, physicians, and school nurses to promote safe storage, use, and disposal of prescription drugs. Healthy Lamoille Valley has used grant funding to purchase three year-round prescription drug disposal boxes located at the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Department, Morristown Police Department, and the Hardwick Police Department.

Library Film Project – Local libraries are one of the best sources of information and we partnered to ensure access to these powerful films: Resilience, Paper Tigers, Spin the Bottle, Deadly Persuasion, The Hungry Heart, The Other Side of Cannabis, and Anonymous People.

Community Mobilization: Healthy Lamoille Valley regularly shares information with the community through local media outlets and Front Porch Forum. Project partnerships include work on community film presentations, the annual community opiate discussion with the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Department, local work around ACEs, tabling at community and school events to name a few projects.