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Healthy Lamoille Valley E-Checkup

No matter the size of your business, employee wellness is an essential consideration.  When your staff are mentally and physically well, you are much more likely to have more effective employees and a successful business.

Healthy Lamoille Valley would like to make the eCheckUp available to you and your employees at no cost to you or them. eCheckUp is an online, evidenced based alcohol prevention tool that helps your employees take a look at their current patterns of alcohol consumption and provides resources to support in the first steps of change if they feel one is needed. We have worked with several area employers, tailoring the program to meet the needs of the employee and business.

Call today to schedule a meeting to discuss how eCheckUp could work for you and your employees!  Contact Jessica @802.730.6599.

Copley Hospital

Looking for more resources?

Copley Wellness is your place to go with:

  • Confidential Computerized Health Assessment
  • Biometric screenings to track height, weight, BMI, body fat, blood sugar, cholesterol, HDL and blood pressure
  • Personal, confidential 1:1 sessions for employees with Health Coach to create goals/action plans
  • Flu Shots
  • Healthier Living Workshops
  • Stress Management
  • and more …

Check them out at: