Healthy Lamoille Valley will host national speaker and emergency room physician Brad Roberts at a series of community forums to discuss the topic of cannabis and youth. 

For Parents/Caregivers & Youth:

This workshop is designed with youth and parents in mind.  Come together and learn how marijuana can impact student learning, mental and physical health, and social connections.  We recommend students attend with a parent or caregiver, all community members are welcome.  

March 10, 6:00 – 8 pm, GMTCC, Hyde Park, Refreshments at 6 pm. Event starts at 6:30 pm – RSVP at

March 11, 6:00 – 8 pm, Stowe Free Library, Event starts promptly at 6:00pmRSVP at

For Providers:

An opportunity for area providers, policy makers,educators, law enforcement, and members of the medical community to learn and ask questions about what is being seen in Colorado.

March 11, 9:00 – 11:00 am, Green Mountain Support Services, Morrisville, RSVP at

Roberts, who practices emergency medicine in Pueblo, Colorado, will share his experiences of adverse effects of cannabis use that he is seeing in patients. When cannabis was legalized in Pueblo in 2012, the city aimed to become known as the “Napa Valley of Cannabis” and now has 37 marijuana dispensaries for a population of 167,000 people, and Roberts has witnessed a change in the emergency room.

Roberts became increasingly concerned about the adverse effects on physical and mental health, including marijuana-induced psychosis, cannabis dependence and withdrawal, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, adverse effects on cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and changes seen on brain imaging studies and brain chemical composition. He has since written multiple articles on the topic and recently published a review article in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 

Brought to you by Healthy Lamoille Valley, Green Mountain Support Services, and Growing Up Stowe Parenting Group