High school graduation and prom season – help teens enjoy their prom night without alcohol and drugs. Here are some tips for parents and caregivers to keep their teens safe and make the season one to remember for all the right reasons.

Talk with your teen about prom night: Ask them how they are feeling about the prom? What are they most excited about? What are they most nervous about? Clearly communicate your expectations. Talk to them about the dangers of drinking and driving and getting in the car with a drunk driver. Research shows that parents who help build their teen’s knowledge about what to do in a situation, increase the chances of their teen’s safe decision-making.

Be aware: Know where your teen is going to be, how long they will be there, when they will be leaving, who else will be there, and if there is an appropriate adult supervising the event. If you don’t know the parents of your teen’s date and prom group, be sure to get to know them before the big event. Set a curfew and be up when they come home.

No social hosting: Providing alcohol or cannabis to minors is illegal in Vermont. It’s dangerous for youth and there are legal consequences for adults who provide.

Adapted from: Create a Safe Prom and High-School Graduation Season for Your Teen | (drugfree.org)

For more tips on talking to teens about substance use, visit ParentUpVT.org.

Download our Celebrate Smart Prom Night poster with tips and resources for teens.