As you celebrate, please remember to monitor all alcohol, cannabis, tobacco products, and prescription medicines in your home. Monitor and lock these items to keep our kids and teens safe!  This may mean assigning a responsible adult to monitor the alcohol at your gatherings. Most youth who misuse substances get them from their homes or the homes of a loved one or friend. Also remember we are their closest role models. Our kids start watching us from an early age – this includes our interactions with adult use substances such as alcohol.  Ask yourself, would I be upset if my teen matures to adulthood with the same use patterns that they’ve seen me model? Want to learn more about keeping our teens drugfree? Visit

Looking for recovery opportunities as you enter the new year? Check out the many great programs that our friends at the North Central Vermont Recovery Center and Jenna’s Promise are hosting! These programs are friendly and open to all at no cost to participants or their families. Looking for help quitting nicotine in 2022? Check out our new quit help page with local classes, support groups and additional resources!