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Cannabis and Your Town – August 2020 Recording and Materials

People discussing ideasCannabis and Your Town: Considerations for Youth Substance Misuse Prevention

Watch on Vimeo, recording by Hardwick Community Television

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Cannabis and Your Town Q and A


2020 Cannabis & Youth Forum Materials

Legalized Cannabis in Colorado Emergency Departments:
A Cautionary Review of the Negative Health and Safety Effects
Brad Roberts, MD FACEP FAAEM

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Avoiding Chemical Slavery
Brad Roberts, MD FACEP FAAEM

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Cannabis and Lamoille Youth
Michelle Salvador, Prevention Consultant, Vermont Department of Health

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What You Need to Know

Act 86 What you need to know
Eliminating Penalties for Possession of Limited Amounts of Marijuana by Adults 21 or Older

For adults 21 and older the statue legalizes possession of:

  • One ounce of marijuana
  • Five grams of hashish

And cultivation of:

  • Two mature marijuana plants
  • Four immature (not yet flowering/no buds) marijuana plants.

It is illegal to consume marijuana in a public place including:

  • street, alley, park or sidewalk
  • public building (other than individual dwellings)
  • place of “public accommodation” such as schools, restaurants and stores

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What Landlord and Tenants Need to Know

Landlords may ban possession or use of marijuana in lease agreements.

Landlords should check in with their insurance company regarding insurance considerations before allowing cannabis cultivation on property.

Download this Sample Lease Agreement as an example
( please note, this was shared with us as an example only, we are NOT PROVIDING LEGAL ADVISE )

Vermont Smoke Free Housing Toolkit

VT SHS_ToolKit

What Parents Need to Know

Licensed childcare facilities are not permitted to use or cultivate marijuana
Unregistered and Unlicensed Home Care Providers have no restrictions.

It is illegal for persons under 21 to possess, use or cultivate marijuana. Young adults dispensing marijuana to youth can be sent to prison.

Primary and secondary schools may impose administrative penalties for possession of marijuana on school property.

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Marijuana Use Among Teens

While marijuana is not a new substance, it is a concern for our youth.  Marijuana, cannabis, weed, … or whatever name you call it has a growing following and cultural acceptance.

Legislation Allowing for Adult Use of Marijuana, Lowers the Perceived Risk for Youth.

But While Our Community Norms are Shifting, the Risks are Real.

One in seven youth report having tried marijuana1.
1 Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse; National Institutes of Health; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Among high school students who use marijuana, about one-third use it almost daily.2

Marijuana use among high school and college students negatively impacts academic outcomes. The association has a dose-response relationship, which means the more a student uses, the worse the outcomes.2
2 Source: Vermont Department of Health, “Health Impact Assessment: Marijuana Regulation in Vermont”, January 2016.



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