Healthy Lamoille Valley Cannabis Workshops


Teens and Cannabis: a look into the data on the impacts of legal retail markets on youth 

January 2022 Recordings and Materials


Cannabis and Your Town – August 2020 Recording and Materials

People discussing ideasCannabis and Your Town: Considerations for Youth Substance Misuse Prevention

Watch on Vimeo, recording by Hardwick Community Television

Watch on Youtube, recording by Green Mountain Access Television

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Cannabis and Your Town Q and A


2020 Cannabis & Youth Forum Materials

Legalized Cannabis in Colorado Emergency Departments:
A Cautionary Review of the Negative Health and Safety Effects
Brad Roberts, MD FACEP FAAEM

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Avoiding Chemical Slavery
Brad Roberts, MD FACEP FAAEM

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Cannabis and Lamoille Youth
Michelle Salvador, Prevention Consultant, Vermont Department of Health

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