In Governor Scott’s executive order EO 01-20 – Directive 4 he granted permission for Restaurants and Retailers to add a To-Go and Delivery service option.  This was in response to COVID-19 and an effort to support Vermont’s vital restaurant and retail industry.  However, with many crisis responses there was not time for towns and retailers to plan for this change in a thoughtful responsible way.

At Healthy Lamoille Valley, a Drug Free Community Coalition, we work to support towns and businesses to create policies and practices with community health in mind, specifically when it comes to substances.  This is in support of our mission to reduce youth substance misuse.  We recognize the role that community norms and practices play in influencing youth to try or use alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs.  With this in mind our team has been working closely with the Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery, the Vermont Department of Health, and the Lamoille County Planning Commission to produce guidance that will be clear, timely, and easy to use.  Our Policy and Community Outreach is happy to consult, at no cost, on this and any other related topics.  Alison Link can be reached at

Alison will be hosting a community conversation on June 25th at 4:30. To learn more and register please visit: 

Policy Resources for Towns:

Document 1 of 3:Alcohol Curbside Pick-up and Delivery During COVID-19-Resource 1 of 3 6.16.20_2

Document 2 of 3: Town Policy Handout -Resource 2 of 3-6.16.20_2

Document 3 of 3: New License Review and Renewal-Resource 3 of 3-6.16.20_2

Additional Resources for Restaurants and Businesses doing To-Go and Delivery

The To-Go Connector – This resource outlines best practices and considerations to make your “To-Go” process safe and successful.To-Go Connector

The 2020 Mustache (Must Ask) You Not to Provide to Minors Campaign – The Lamoille Area Youth Council along with HLV’s Youth Coordinator, Ashley Hill, have created a sticker awareness campaign to help retailers and restaurants spread the message that alcohol is not for youth. To partner with our youth please contact

Sticker Shock Campaign –  These fun, bright stickers serve as a visible reminder to your customers that alcohol should only be for those over age 21. Stickers are available to all alcohol retailers to put on retail alcohol packaging.

To-Go Stickers –  Round stickers with an area to write the customer name that show your customers that the safety of our youth is a priority.