“There’s nothing to do.”

“I’m bored!”

Is this your child? How about a child who is always glued to the phone or computer? Do you feel your child needs to develop healthy leisure time interests? Is your child so busy with scheduled activities they get stressed out and don’t know what to do when they have free time? Do they need help finding variety and balance of activities?

If you have these or similar concerns, we invite you to consider participating in a program we are offering this June in preparation for summer – TimeWise: Taking Charge of Leisure Time. This program is for 5th-9th graders to participate in with a parent or caregiver and includes in-person or virtual instruction along with home activities.

Research clearly demonstrates that youth who engage in healthy leisure get many developmental and health benefits. Unfortunately, many youth do not know how to access and engage in healthy leisure opportunities and/or get the most out of their free-time. TimeWise helps youth develop skills and interests, learn how to avoid boredom, know what to do when they are bored, take personal responsibility for healthy leisure activities, and prevent the unwanted outcomes of unhealthy leisure time.

Email alison@healthylamoillevalley.org for more information by June 3rd. There will be an info session Thursday, June 2nd at 11am.

Download our program brochure