Tips for Hosting Fun and Safe Gatherings:

The weather is turning warmer, more people are getting vaccinated, and we’re now getting to the end of the school year. As we look forward to summer celebrations and get-togethers, it’s important to focus on making our events youth and recovery-friendly.

  1. Know VT’s Social Hosting Laws. Did you know it is illegal to serve alcohol or cannabis to minors under age 21?
  2. Know Who Will Be At The Party. Send out invites ahead of time and include your youth in the planning process.
  3. Provide alternative drink options. Be sure to provide non-alcoholic beverages for youth and adults. Clearly mark the alcohol vs non-alcoholic options.  One way to do this is to download these fun stickers.
  4. Monitor your coolers. Keep the alcoholic drinks separate and clearly mark them. Have someone available to monitor the alcohol so youth do not have access to it.
  5. Plan activities. Plan some fun games or activities for your guests!
  6. Model appropriate behaviors . Set an example for your youth and show that you don’t need substances to have fun!
  7. Expect the Best, Plan For the Worst. Make a plan with your youth ahead of time in case someone gets injured, things get out of hand or the weather turns.
  8. Clean up right after the party. Don’t leave alcohol or edibles out and accessible to youth.

Download the tips flyer here!

Our coalition meeting in May was all about exploring ways to host safe parties and events.  It’s so important to think about alcohol and cannabis safety as it relates to our summer gatherings early.  Help us start the conversation and support your creation of a summer full of fun and safe gatherings with friends and family!  You can view a recording of the event below.