Family story-time under the tree!

There’s a good chance that many of you will be traveling or having visitors over the next couple of weeks with Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Years and extra time off.  One of the things we rarely think about at this time of year is drug safety.  If you’re visiting family that does not regularly have children or teens in the house they may not protect their medicines the way you would (Honestly – even if they do this information is still helpful!).  So, here are a few tips for drug safety while traveling or having guests…

  1. Talk to your hosts or guests about keeping their medicines secured. Explain that drug safety is a priority for you. They may be in the habit of keeping medicines on their nightstands or side-tables.
  2. Talk to your children or teens about not touching medicines or eating anything not set out in a candy dish… many medicines look like candy to young children.
  3. Scout the space before leaving children unattended.  Check the spaces where the kids are going to be and then point out or remove any items that could be unsafe.  Look at the room from your kids eyes – you may catch that bottle of Tylenol that rolled under the TV stand!
  4. Depending on your children’s ages -travel with children’s medicines.  Do not assume that adult doses will be safe for your children – even half doses.
  5. Read more about drug safety at: https://www.healthylamoillevalley.org/prescription-drugs/

We wish you the best this Holiday Season!