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Join us in raising awareness of substance misuse in our communities when you participate in Green Up Day 2023 on May 6th by filling out our annual survey

All are welcome to help out!

Download the Green-Up Day 2023 Poster

Organize a group for Green Up Day! We encourage you to organize a group – whether from an agency, business, town or a group of friends! Are you a group organizer? We’d love to highlight your group. Let us know when and where you are meeting and if you want to open it to the public to join! Email Alison at

Doing this activity with your child/teen is a great opportunity to talk about the impact of substances on our community and substances in general. Check out the ParentUp website for tips on having conversations with your child or teen about substances and substance misuse.

Help us collect information about the impact of substances in our region:

1. Keep a count of how many substance-related items you find (if you see needles, don’t touch them, notify local police if you find any).

2. Take pictures of what you find (optional).

3. Fill out the survey and upload pictures. If you want to share more pictures, please email them to

SAFETY FIRST! We recommend wearing gloves and that youth work with an adult. Please do not collect anything that could harm you. If you see needles, don’t touch them, notify local police if you find any.

Green Up Day Resources and Information
Find out your town’s Green Up Day details, get safety tips, learn more about trash and recycling, and download the Green Up Day app.

Environmental Impact of Substances

From the toxic chemicals of vape devices and cigarette butts to the production and packaging of alcohol and cannabis, find out how each of the following substances has a negative impact on our environment and public spaces.

For more information contact Alison Link, Policy and Community Outreach Coordinator at