Attention–Lamoille Valley Youth Sports Volunteer Coaches, Potential Coaches and Administrators – TWO $100 RAFFLE PRIZES for sports league of your choice

Healthy Lamoille Valley (HLV) in collaboration with the HLV Youth Sports Workgroup, seeks the input from all volunteer leaders, coaches, parents and interested community members of youth sports.

We received a grant to assess the training needs of VOLUNTEER COACHES AND ADMINISTRATORS ACROSS THE LAMOILLE VALLEY to help support their roles as protective factors in the lives of their players while also helping to sustain our youth sports programs into the future. Even if you are not currently a coach, and you think that you might consider coaching in the future, we want to hear from you, too.

Our hope is that through this survey, we can clarify the training needs that support protective factors) and resources for volunteer youth coaches and offer trainings and support back to the community for this purpose.

HLV joins youth sports in all efforts to create a safe, enjoyable, skill based experience for healthy development of our local youth.

THE SURVEY GOES QUICK AND If YOU MOVE THROUGH CAN BE COMPLETED IN 15-20 minutes (sometimes longer, though).

Here is the link to the survey:

RAFFLE: After individuals complete the survey they will have an option to enter a raffle for equipment or other needed youth items as prizes to the town/league they list as their main affiliation of choice. There will be two prizes of $100 each to Power Play Sports in Morrisville.

The topics in the survey include:
Questions about coaching
Questions about training for youth sports volunteer coaches
Questions about and for youth sports program leadership
Questions about protective and risk factors for youth related to substance misuse

Thank you,

HLV Youth Sports Workgroup:
Nat Bacon
Dave McAllister
Kelli Millick
Lisa Crews
Tom Stames
Alison Link, Policy and Community Outreach Coordinator, Healthy Lamoille Valley