In life we are met with millions of choices.  Some are big and clearly shape our destiny, but many are simple and seem to have little impact.  However, it’s often those little, seemingly insignificant choices that shape who we really are… and in many case our happiness.

Think about it…

… the little choices of what to do with our “free” moments either energize us or drain us.  A few quiet moments focusing on something we love, can bring much more joy than endless hours of doing what someone else tells us is “relaxing” or “needed.”

… the choices of what to eat or drink help us feel better or worse physically, but also emotionally… many of our choices help us feel good in the moment while they are on our lips, but sluggish, irritable, or regretful later.  This goes for alcohol and sweet drinks too… they’re great going down… and the marketing companies would love for us to believe that “life is better with ________” but, sometimes that crispness of the glass of water, the tartness of a sparking kombucha, or kick of an ice coffee is just the better choice.

Here’s an example…  Last night my family was away and this Mama had a rare night off.  On these occasions I like to get a “Mama” treat, often a food item that only I like… or don’t want to share… last night I thought about a pint of sweet coconutty goodness, but I also thought of paint (the black-eyed Susans have been calling to me to paint them).  So, I saved my $5 that I could have spent on ice cream or a glass of wine and went to the Studio Store for a tube of brown paint… and at the end of the night I ended up with a lot more joy!  I went to bed feeling relaxed and content. Would the ice cream have been bad?  No, probably not as it was a rare treat, but the paint was better!

Does one mediocre choice define us?  In most cases no, but a lifetime of them will… so today… choose the better for you – choose the joy!

Do you have a story you’d like to share?