In October the VT Legislature passed a bill that will allow commercial growing, distribution, sales, and advertising of cannabis in Vermont. Governor Phil Scott allowed the bill to pass into law without his signature. Act 164 creates a process to set up issuing initial retail sales licenses by May 2022 and full retail sales licenses by October 2022.

Healthy Lamoille Valley Coordinator Jessica Bickford and Policy and Outreach Coordinator Alison Link had the opportunity to serve on an Act 164 workgroup established by Prevention Works VT.  Through our work several things became very clear to us.  1) There is a lot that is yet to be determined by the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) which will first meet in January ’21. 2) Towns will need to vote to opt in to allow sales in their communities.  3) Towns without zoning may be at a significant disadvantage to regulate sales locally.  4) It is in the best interest of local towns to allow the CCB to further define Act 164 before they take action to opt in.  This will allow towns a better chance to know what they are signing up for and make an informed decision.

The Prevention WorksVT workgroup helped to create a fact sheet that will help educate local leaders and citizens to on Act 164.   We are including it here.  Please share with your local leaders.

Download the fact sheet here.