Healthy Lamoille Valley and Lamoille Area Youth Council

Are Proud to Announce the

LAYC Fall 2020 PhotoVoice Project:


Our August/September Art Call features a photo voice project to highlight the impact of media and messaging relating to alcohol and drug use from a youth perspective.

One of the best parts of Healthy Lamoille Valley (HLV) is our commitment to raising youth voices –  finding our Photo Voices together helps us learn and better understand the world our youth see. The goal of this PhotoVoice project is to amplify youth voices through original art and creation to share a unique perspective into life as a young person today. By viewing the world through a Youth lens, our communities will be able to see first hand how pervasive substance use and substance marketing and advertising are.

A $20 gift card to a local merchant will be awarded to the first 20 people that submit a photo project that meets the following criteria!


Guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • The photo you submit must be an original picture taken by you.
  • Participants must be under 18 or be a high school student in the Lamoille Valley area.
  • Participants must provide a signed release to participate in any photo displays.
  • Photographs must depict something relating to substance use and “mixed messaging” that you observe in your communities. Below are only a few recent examples of “mixed messaging” from Lamoille Area Youth Council Members and HLV staff to help get you thinking about what you’re seeing around you!
  • Your photo must include a brief write up or a short explanation of your photo to submit along with your photograph.
  • Each photo must be submitted along with a substance misuse fact about underage substance misuse that you researched on your own using one of the sources below.  If you are able to put the fact in your photo, feel free- and if you aren’t able to, be sure to email Ashley with your photo as an attachment, along with your explanation and the one fact that you would like on your photo.
  • Artwork submissions will be accepted from now until Friday, October 2, 2020 at 5pm.
  • Please contact Ashley Hill, HLV’s Youth Prevention Coordinator, at to submit your photos, have any questions, or need assistance in submitting your photo!


Recommended Fact/Data Sources (Don’t forget to share which one you used when sharing your fact with us!): 

2019 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey:

National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) for teens:

The Truth Initiative:


Youth Council and HLV Staff 2020 PhotoVoice Examples:

sample photovoice project