Film Project

Healthy Lamoille Valley has provided 6 films to area libraries (Morristown Centennial, Stowe Free, Waterville Town , Johnson Public, Lanpher Memorial, Varnum Memorial, Glee Merritt Kelley, Jeudevine Memorial, Craftsbury Public, and Greensboro Free Libraries) for checkout.

  • The Other Side of Cannabis: Negative Effects of Marijuana on Our Youth
  • Paper Tigers
  • The Hungry Heart
  • The Anonymous People
  • Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies & Alcohol
  • Deadly Persuasion – The Advertising of Alcohol & Tobacco

We hope that you will watch these films and use them for discussions with friends and family.  Together we can reduce the impacts of substance abuse prevention in our communities.

Here are some starter questions:

  • What stood out to you about the film?
  • How do you see substance misuse/abuse in your life/community (school, work, community, family, friends)?
  • How does the film maker’s experience relate to yours?
  • How might you help someone who’s struggling with addiction?
  • If a friend needed help what could you do?  Who would you talk to?
  • What can we do to avoid substance abuse addiction? (Prolong first use for legal substances such as alcohol, choose healthy activities, set boundaries with friends who may tend toward’s riskier actions.)

Looking for more ideas on how to talk with youth in your life about alcohol?  Visit: