Environmental Impact of Substances


Learn how tobacco, nicotine products, cannabis, and alcohol negatively impact the environment








Tobacco and the Environment

From the deforestation caused by growing and curing tobacco to the toxins of discarded vape devices and cigarettes that leach into our waterways, soil, and wildlife, tobacco and nicotine products harm the environment in many ways. Check out some of these articles by the Truth Initiative to learn more. Here are some other websites to check out as well: Environmental Impacts of Vaping,  Vape Waste: More Harmful Than You Think, and this YouTube video.

Guidelines for submission are as follows:
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    • Participants must be a elementary, middle, or high school student in the Lamoille Valley area in Vermont. This includes all the towns in Lamoille County, plus Craftsbury, Greensboro, Hardwick, Stannard, and Woodbury
    • Participants must cite which website, article or video they got the fact from

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